My Highest Converting Affiliate Funnel in 2017

It’s probably one of the most overused words in all of internet marketing – Funnel.

Whatever your affiliate business looks like, whatever your choose to promote, you need to have a system in place to:

  • Acquire new cold prospects, leads, and subscribers
  • Engage with these subscribers and nurture them into high-potential warm/hot leads
  • Generate sales from theses leads
  • Amplify your relationship with these customers and earn repeat business

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6 Mistakes That Crushed Affiliates in 2017

This month I worked with my 250th client in my affiliate coaching/consulting business, it was also the 250th time I’ve seen the same mistakes repeated in an affiliate business…

Most of my clients, like myself, focus on affiliate programs in the “Internet Marketing” and “Work From Home” niche – so if you’re promoting diet pills, forex training, or some other non-IM stuff some of these common mistakes might not be applicable to you, but like a bad song on Spotify you can just skip that track and move onto the next.

After reviewing all of my notes from every client this year each one of these “naughty list” mistakes has come up a minimum of 7 times! I’m sure at least one of these has creeped into your bad habits as well, so avoid these mistakes, use these quick fixes, and I will help make 2018 more profitable for you. Read More

How I Made $12,997 This Morning

Today was fairly ordinary, with one very profitable exception.

I woke up, ate an omelette, had a cappuccino, and booked a quick phone call with a prospective client for 13:00 this afternoon.

By 15:00 my Stripe account had an extra $12,997 dollars in it thanks to a wonderful conversation with a Lawyer in Chicago. Read More

How to Sell PPC Services to Local Businesses

If you want to know how to sell ppc services, let my little experiment be your guide. For the past 60 days I decided to run a little pilot program with my local consulting business. Currently we focus exclusively on Conversion Rate Optimization products for our clients, but we regularly get asked by both prospects and our current clients if we offer PPC campaign management.

We decided run a pilot program and offer a simple PPC product to see if we should include it as part of our usual services going forward.

In this post, I’m going to share with you how our product was received, challenges we faced, how we priced our product, and what you can learn to sell PPC services yourself. Read More

4 Keys to a High Converting Landing Page

It would be really easy for me to sit down and start preaching about the basics of designing a great landing page. Yes, you need a great headline, copy text, a Call-To-Action, and all that good stuff.

And yes, you need a great offer to encourage opt-ins, downloads, or whatever else you’re offering to your prospects.

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Why I Don’t Want to be an Internet Marketer

“I’m an internet marketer… I make money through internet marketing… I’m an online marketer” – If you hear any of these things, or you say any of these things. Stop.

If you’re the one saying them, you sound like a douche. If you are hearing them from someone else, likely in a sales pitch, then run the other way.

You are not, and should not want the title of “Internet Marketer”


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Interviews: Easiest Way to Get Instant Targeted Traffic

I want to share with you a method for getting thousands of highly qualified/targeted visitors to your site using an old strategy that’s beginning the resurface.

Interviews were popular several years ago for driving traffic to your site and establishing great authority, and while it never really went away as a strategy, it’s certainly become less popular for one reason or another.

In any case, it seems like interviews are beginning to shine once again. And while I’ve seen other bloggers post about getting back into this groove, I feel like a lot of this content is just being rehashed. Instead, I want to share something different that I have used very well in the past, It’s an “evergreen” traffic strategy that is great for bringing targeted visitors to your site and works particularly well for grabbing more subscribers to your mailing list than you can shake a stick at… More on this perk later though.

What we’re going to learn:

1) Why does the interview strategy work?
2) Who are we going to interview? Why?
3) How is this strategy different to all the rest?
4) How can this generate fresh leads/visitors?
5) What to do with this tidal wave of traffic once it hits your site…
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Bounce Rate: The Secret That’s Killing Your SEO

Whoa! Whoa! Put down your pitchforks!

While I’m sure there’s many an SEO looking to put my head on a spike for such a bold headline, I hope you’ll stick with me on this one for a little while longer.

Does bounce rate affect your SEO? I don’t think I’ve spoken with an SEO in my time that hasn’t at least wondered about this. In a word, Yes: Bounce rate affects your performance in the search engine rankings.

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