About Me

Who Am I?

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This is the big question isn’t it? Why should you listen to me? Well…

If you’re reading this blog in the first place, I’m going to take a running guess that you’re at least a little bit interested in becoming an entrepreneur or want to sell marketing products on some level – so you might as well learn from someone who is actually doing what he says, not just preaching endless theories.

There’s lots of us out there, but I consider myself different in a lot of ways:

When I was 22, I was using my marketing skills to make about $20,000/month. Not too shabby for just finishing University and looking for a path in life 

There was only one flaw in the whole business – me.

Overconfidence got the better of me, and no amount of vacations, fancy dinners, shiny watches, or exotic rental cars would hide the fact that my business was falling faster than domino’s because I was a tool and neglected my customers, my products, and remaining current.

Instead of being homeless (thanks mom and dad for putting a roof over my head) I decided to give up on the entrepreneur lifestyle, tuck my tail between my legs and get a job. An English degree doesn’t bring the house down on a resume and years of developing and selling my own products and services isn’t a skill-set that most employers are looking for. Hello minimum wage call-center…

Do you know why people don’t keep Lions as pets? No matter how tame they get they are always looking for play a little rougher than you, and they always want to get out and run free. Entrepreneurs are the same way. No matter how successful you become in a regular job you can’t keep the lion in the basement, the desire to “be your own boss” is too strong. And so here we are…

Taking the lessons of the past to develop new products, new services, and ultimately surpassing my previous success.

Oh, and you get to join me on the journey 🙂

How is This Blog Going to Help You Succeed?

After my failings, and a world of experimenting, I have found many things that work – consistently. My goal now? Showing you how to do the exact same and using these skills to get myself back to the top. Cutting through the crap, filtering out the re-hashed ideas and getting down to the nitty gritty of:

  • How to build a business that works
  • How to add VALUE to your career instead of just dollars (my biggest mistake)
  • How to get golden traffic to your landing pages/websites/and more
  • How to extract every possible dollar from every visitor and leave nothing on the table (this has been a major learning experience for me)
  • How to break the bad habits that have been holding you back – likely without you even knowing it!
  • How to get into the right mindset.

and finally;

  • How not to piss it all away…