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Interviews: Easiest Way to Get Instant Targeted Traffic

I want to share with you a method for getting thousands of highly qualified/targeted visitors to your site using an old strategy that’s beginning the resurface.

Interviews were popular several years ago for driving traffic to your site and establishing great authority, and while it never really went away as a strategy, it’s certainly become less popular for one reason or another.

In any case, it seems like interviews are beginning to shine once again. And while I’ve seen other bloggers post about getting back into this groove, I feel like a lot of this content is just being rehashed. Instead, I want to share something different that I have used very well in the past, It’s an “evergreen” traffic strategy that is great for bringing targeted visitors to your site and works particularly well for grabbing more subscribers to your mailing list than you can shake a stick at… More on this perk later though.

What we’re going to learn:

1) Why does the interview strategy work?
2) Who are we going to interview? Why?
3) How is this strategy different to all the rest?
4) How can this generate fresh leads/visitors?
5) What to do with this tidal wave of traffic once it hits your site…
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