How I Made $12,997 This Morning

Today was fairly ordinary, with one very profitable exception.

I woke up, ate an omelette, had a cappuccino, and booked a quick phone call with a prospective client for 13:00 this afternoon.

By 15:00 my Stripe account had an extra $12,997 dollars in it thanks to a wonderful conversation with a Lawyer in Chicago.

This lawyer, whom we will call John for the sake on anonymity here, is a great example of why you should be offering Offline consulting as part of your business.

If you take the time to learn a skill that’s valuable for Internet Marketing;

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • & dozens of others…

You should also realize that the skill you’ve taken the time to learn, is of value to almost ANY number of “brick-and-mortar” businesses out there that you can think of – and some you never thought possible (I once sold a social media package to an “Equine Psychologist” – whom was a self-professed horse whisperer)

Such is the case with John above, and here’s the exact funnel John went through to become my client:

  1. I ran a Facebook ad targeting small firm Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicago
  2. John saw the ad, clicked it, and joined my list because he wanted to download my lead offer – “19 Ways Injured People Search for a Lawyer in 2017”
  3. After sending him emails as part of my autoresponder series over 14 days, he completed a form on my website requesting an assessment of his marketing
  4. I completed the assessment with him over the phone over a 60min call and booked a follow-up call to discuss how my company would change some of the agreed-upon weak points of his current marketing.
  5. During the next phone call we spoke about some of the things my company can offer and I proposed a $15,000 contract.
  6. During some emails aback and forth we agreed to change the fee for certain objects, and got it down to $12,997 USD.
  7. He completed payment today.

That was really it. No hard sales. No cold calls. Just an ad, a couple of conversations, and a few emails – done.

John and my team will work together for the next 6mths, and as we get closer to that 6mth period we will discuss the items that can be renewed (approx. $8000 can be renewed – the rest is one-time design charges)

Learn a skill in demand, tell people you do it, profit. Regardless of what people tell you – it really is that simple.

If you’d like to hear more about offline consulting leave a comment below and I will breakdown more of my funnel and business for you all.


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