Why I Don’t Want to be an Internet Marketer

“I’m an internet marketer… I make money through internet marketing… I’m an online marketer” – If you hear any of these things, or you say any of these things. Stop.

If you’re the one saying them, you sound like a douche. If you are hearing them from someone else, likely in a sales pitch, then run the other way.

You are not, and should not want the title of “Internet Marketer”


It’s Not True

falseAs much as you might like the idea of saying you make money through “internet marketing” it’s just not the case. To put this in perspective, let’s talk about delicious cupcakes.

I have a great place around the corner from my house that sells one thing only – cupcakes. They opened at a time when cupcakes were the “in” thing. You couldn’t throw a stone without hitting a bakery that was opening to specialize in – you guessed it – cupcakes.

Many of them failed quickly, but one in particular survived and even has 4 locations now. Why did they make it while the others died? Marketing. Excellent marketing.

They worked hard at developing a great brand and had a delicious product – success was likely with the right management.

Why the fuck am I talking about cupcakes? Well, they used lots of social media, lots of PPC advertising, plenty of SEO, and a pinch of retargeting ads to make sure their message was hitting their key demographic…

Would you call them “internet marketers”? – obviously not.

“But Jay” I hear you saying “they have a brick and mortar store, and deal with customer service, and the public, and inventory, and overheads, etc, etc”

That doesn’t matter. They sell a product to people, and marketing is the tool that get’s their message in front of the right people.

If you’re calling yourself an “internet marketer” you need to rethink you business. What is your product? What is your service? Where does the value for your customers come from?

You are using internet marketing as tool to get your message in front of the right people. Your product could be an eBook, eCommerce store, or affiliate offer – but you should not define yourself by the method you use to connect with customers.

But there is a bigger reason why I hate being referred to as an Internet Marketer.

I Sound Like a Sketchy Motherfucker…

"Check out this eBook bro..."
“Check out this eBook bro…”

“What is that?” That’s usually the first question people ask when I used to tell them I was an internet marketer when I was first getting started.

Then I would have to explain what it is that I actually do. Anything involving “putting people on a mailing list” or “selling eBooks” or anything of that sort just doesn’t sound legit, does it?

The main problem though is how it makes you feel. How many of your friends and family have to explain what they do? and if you’re anything like me when I was getting started I always felt a little embarrassed because it sounded like I was one of those internet scammers you always see popups for online.

“I’m a marketing consultant who shows small businesses how to find more customers online” – this is my default answer now. It makes me feel proud, people understand what it is, and it commands a certain level of respect.

I’ve always believed mindset is critical to having success, and if you feel like your very business is a joke to others, or sounds sketchy to others – fix that shit. Take pride in what you do.